Microneedle Protocol

Microneedle Protocol

Microneedle Protocol

1. Cleanse Face/Neck with PrePear cleanser 2x

2. Be sure any makeup residue is cleaned off. Take fresh cartridge before every use and discard used one. Do not use same cartridge more than once.

3. Apply PM Serum - enough for "slip" on the skin.

4. Follow manufacturers specifications/ protocols- perform treatment

5. Wipe residue with clean water.
6. LED Red Light if available 

7. Clean instrument & discard needle cartridge 

8.Keep skin hydrated til healed

9. Pore Primer (if skin is not overly sensitive) or AntiMask Gel Mask.

Restore Set - AM serum

(Depends on repairing sun damage or collagen stimulating for wrinkle reduction)

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