Chemical Peel Protocol

Chemical Peel Protocol

Chemical Peel Protocol

At-Home Chemical Peels

Make sure to read all precautions before doing a peel - No Sun 30 days! SPF Cream daily

1. PrePear clean2x face/neck

2. Poreless Peel -wipe entire area

3. Rubbing Alcohol 70%(90% if avail) - apply as toner wipe area you want peeled thoroughly

4A. 1/2 teaspoon Baking soda - 1/2 glass water as Neutralizer

4B. Pour approx 1 teaspoon of peel solution in glass dish - (recommend 20% solution or low grade to start) - apply peel with fan brush or gauze - pass vertically & horizontal - avoid eye area.
5.Wait 1-3 minutes

6. Follow peel protocols by manufacturer

7. Neutralize with baking soda solution    

7A. Wipe face clean with clean water

8. Wait approx 2-4 hours apply moisturizer 

9. Moisturize as needed next 2-7 days

9a. Pore Primer is complementary to peels with the added retinol to promote peeling. If excess peeling occurs Aquafor or similar would be recommended. 

10. Never scratch or pick peeling skin

Restore with RePear X add on

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