Poreless AHA Peel (Liquid Exfoliant)

Poreless AHA Peel (Liquid Exfoliant)

Poreless AHA Peel (Liquid Exfoliant)
120 ML 4 oz

Poreless (Instant Liquid Exfoliant)- Glycolic & Lactic Acids is key for toning, pore refining and removing dead skin cells •Due to active ingredients, chemical exfoliation can be more effective than traditional scrubs• less irritating 

Glycolic Acid

Lactic Acid 

Green Tea

Allantoin (‘desquamation’ encourages natural removal of dead cells) - does not contain Prickly Pear Cactus Oil.

A gentle brightening exfoliate to break down inter-cellular glue to rid the skin of oils, pollution & congestion from the upper epidermis - helps provide better product penetration & cellular turnover.
Exfoliation is recommended at a minimum of 2x per week in any skin regimen.Retail $56 

^Does not cause peeling- deep exfoliant

Patch test before use

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